FOUNDED IN 1981, Kaparoma is a Peruvian Company which produces and commercializes school uniforms and industrial workwear of excellent quality for private schools,  learning centers and businesses in Perú, U.S.A, Japan, Puerto Rico and Colombia.

Our uniforms are designing and manufacturing to meet our clients´standards of comfort and style,  while maintaining their durable caliber.

Throughout the years, Kaparoma has grown to become the leader in the local market for school uniforms given our quality control productivity process and our customer services.

Currently we export our garments to important and demanding markets, achieving efficient lead times in each step of process, from manufacturing until delivery,  ensuring the best quality of the finished products

Our succes is base on the values passed down  by our founders: RESPECT, HONESTY, INNOVATION, QUALITY, COMMITMENT and RESPONSABILITY.  In this way,  we place priority on our employees, community and environment

Does your school have in mind to change or improve the uniform?
In Kaparoma we can design you a new and stylish school uniform in a variety of fabrics and colors.

Contact us:
(51-1) 323 -6958 (51-1) 224 – 1408